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Republican George "Macaca" Allen Endorses GOP Cong. Barbara Comstock

GOP Congresswoman Barbara Comstock—A Donald/ Roseanne Barr Racist Enabler May 31, 2018

Lately, the corporate world reacts 100 time faster than the political world when its stars make obnoxious racist/bigoted statements. Witness ABC’s 5/29/2018 canning of Roseanne Barr for her sicko racist tweet about former Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett. Where is the same political reaction to the racist-white supremacist enabler in the White House from his own party? Only retiring or dying GOPers dare attack Demagogue Donald. We now have GOP Congresswoman Donald enabler Barbara Comstock (59) running for a third term. Comstock will do anything to win, including racking up an endorsement from a fellow VA GOPer with a well-known history of racism.

Comstock’s race in the 10th VA Congressional District (CD), an area in the Northern VA/D.C. suburbs is rated a “Toss-Up” by the most recent political handicappers (Cook, Gonzales, Sabato). This swingy district with a Cook PVI (Partisan Voting Index) has a mere D+1 score. In this district with many professionals, D.C. lawmakers, and lobbyists, Hillary beat Donald in 2016 by 10 points ( In 2017, Democratic gubernatorial winner Ralph Northam won with a 13.3% margin over GOPer Ed Gillespie (, 2017). Gillespie, a friend of Cong. Comstock, ran his campaign on saving Confederate monuments and playing the Willie Horton/”Guillermo Hortinez” race card. He falsely accused Northam of being soft on Latino gang (MS-13) crime. These attacks backfired “bigly.” Democratic turnout was strong and Northam clobbered Gillespie by 9 points (See, Chapman, 5/30/2018).

However, racist-pushing “birds of a feather continue to flock together.” Gillespie’s honorary campaign chair was former VA Gov. and then Senator, GOPer George Allen. Allen, remember was coasting to victory in a 2006 re-election bid and had presidential ambitions to be W Bush’s heir. However, in that campaign, Allen was caught calling an Indian-American Democratic photographer a “macaca,” a French-North African term for the “N”-word. Allen, a fluent French-speaker, had picked up that word from his French-N. African born mother. Allen lost his race and any future White House hopes (Strassel, Wall Street Journal, 4/09/10,, 10/04/17 & 10/11/17). Besides his “macaca” utterance, Allen had used the “N”-word in college and had kept a noose, a symbol of African American lynchings, in his law office (, Chapman, 5/30/18). And guess who Cong. Comstock has now received an endorsement from? On 5/25/2018, Comstock tweeted an image of herself smiling with George “macaca” Allen, one of her most notable endorsers (Chapman,, 5/30/18).

After Allen’s endorsement of Comstock, this race should no longer be in any “Toss Up” category. Voters in the VA -10th CD must strongly get behind the Democratic winner of the Old Dominion’s 6/12/2018 primary. They must come out in droves to give a resounding “NO” to George “macaca” Allen’s ally Cong. Comstock. Until the political world follows the corporate world, racists and their followers will still blatantly peddle their hate. For more on Cong. Comstock’s off-the-chart backing of Donald, her pro-gun, and anti-women’s issues record, please read my previous blog from February 18, 2018.

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