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Biden Doing Well Despite Naysayers

Biden in Free- Polling Fall?—No Way, the Media Is   March 4, 2024



   Biden continues to “y uu gel y” wrack up win after win in the primary season.  In a quickly organized  New Hampshire write-in campaign, he won “bigly.” He took 63.9% of the votes to Cong. Dean Phillips’ (D-MN)19.6% (, 1/23/24, Schneider & Otterbein). And in Michigan, Biden won 81.1% of the votes to just 13.2% of the “uncommitted.” The “uncommitted” voters opposed Biden for supporting Israel for fighting back against barbaric Hamas in a brutal unprovoked war that that terrorist group started on October 7, 2024 (, AP, 2/27/24). The voters in MI who pushed the “uncommitted” vote were mainly Arab Americans who have just 1% of the population in that state, especially in the Dearborn and Livonia areas (, Halpin, 2/27/24).

       The “uncommitted” voters kept yelling to the press that that 13.2% total was a big tally showing that people were heavily and bitterly protesting Israel’s Gaza campaign (See, AP, 2/27/24).  Give me a break! Many of those 13.2% “uncommitted” voters will vote for Biden in the fall. This 13.2% was  only about 2.5 points higher than in 2012 in the protest vote against President Obama. Remember that in 2012, President Obama went on to defeat Mitt Romney in the Wolverine State by 450,000 votes (, Highly respected Democratic analyst Simon Rosenberg said it all. He aptly noted that Biden breaking an 80% barrier is big no matter how one views it, and that this “uncommitted vote” was a “very modest 13%,” or really nothing to crow about.  Rosenberg noted opposition to Biden foreign policy is “limited but intense,” but, frankly, IMHO, it is minor opposition. Biden has at least 71% support for his foreign policy, including for Ukraine and Israel.


         And fellow Democrats. Please stop tearing your hair out and getting ready to jump off the political ledge after the New York Times’ recent Siena Poll which had Demagogue Donald ahead of Biden among likely voters by 4%. It is WAY too early to determine who the likely voters will be in 11/2024. Analysts  Simon Rosenberg and Tom Bonier  noted that this Times-Siena Poll is weighted more for the “R” vote. These analysts stated that had this GOP weighing not occurred, Biden would have led Donald by 4 points, a more reasonable view of where the race would presently stand (See, 3/03/24).  In the meantime, Trump continues to underperform in all his contests against way underfunded and fairly unknown Nikki Haley. Biden is overperforming. Anyone who repeatedly puts up numbers like Biden in the 2024 primaries, polls notwithstanding, looks like he is running away with the nomination and election.  Again, polls don’t vote. People do. Biden is not in political free fall. The media’s analysis is.


          Of course, the only poll that counts to quote John “Honey Fitz” Fitzgerald, JFK’s maternal grandfather, is the one taken on Election Day.  And again, what must Democrats do to win in that only reliable and final poll? VOTE, VOTE, VOTE, in droves plus for Biden and the entire “Team Blue” ticket in 11/2024. Our democracy depends upon it.       


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