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Never Trust Demagogue Donald

Watch What He Does/Has Done, NOT What He Says—Demagogue Donald Has Always Been a LIAR    April 14, 2024


          Remember the Nixon Administration? Nixon and his first Attorney General John Mitchell told liberal groups when they talked up the racist Southern Strategy, “Watch what we do, not what we say (Safire, “Nixon,”” Well, that was one big lie. Nixon appointed some moderates but then ignored them and went about putting right-wing policies in anyway. He did an end run around these appointees.


          Flash forward to 2024. While running for re-election, Demagogue Donald was asked if he would sign a national abortion ban if Congress passed one and he was in the White House. Donald answered, “No” (, However, he did not say whether he would ban abortion by the back door by enforcing the 151- year- old Comstock Act. That act bans “obscene” material in the mail which could be used to block abortion. How? Many of Trump’s allies are fanatical anti-abortion extremists. They would want to block the mailing of the abortion drug mifepristone by labeling it “obscene” under the Comstock Act.


                 Please members of the media. I will repeat this again and again. Don’t be fooled by this “moderate” Trump talk about not signing any national anti-abortion ban. Please remember what Trump did in his first term on abortion. His previous actions will be a strong predictor of what he would do about abortion should he be re-elected. During his prior four years in the Oval Office, Trump was anti-abortion in every way possible. He then catered only to the “right-to-life” groups. He made sure that he appointed to the Supreme Court three judges, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett whom he knew would overturn “Roe v. Wade,” which they proceeded to do. Trump also made sure he appointed judges to the lower federal courts with the same anti-choice views. One of these appointees was Federal District Court Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk. Judge Kacsmaryk ruled that mifepristone should be taken off the market (


                   Again, Demagogue Donald has always been one perpetual LIAR. Never EVER trust Demagogue Donald  On April 9, 2024, Donald said that the Arizona State Supreme Court which upheld an 1864-pre-statehood draconian anti-abortion law “went too far.” Translation: The AZ High Court only went “too far” in putting this issue before the voters in a presidential election year, giving one “y uu ge” political migraine headache to Donald. Just another Trumpian big lie.


             Donald is just waiting to get his anti-choice fanatics into his administration should he win. Please also, remember that Donald is considering banning abortion around 15 or 16 weeks to placate his anti-choice backers. He is additionally interested in restricting IVF (in-vitro fertilization). He strongly wants states to limit abortions.


           The Biden camp rightfully pounced on Demagogue Donald’s ridiculous “I won’t sign a national abortion ban” as a complete lie. They aptly noted that Trump is gearing up to ban abortions nationally in any and every way possible should he get a second term.


              Again, anyone who believes this, “I won’t sign an abortion ban nonsense” coming out of Donald’s mouth is beyond naïve or a Donald sympathizer/apologist at the very least. Trump will lie to do ANYTHING to win re-election, especially when abortion is the issue. Only President Biden and his fellow Democrats will protect abortion, women’s rights, and attempt to codify “Roe v. Wade.”  In November 2024, Democrats and pro-choice moderates must vote in droves plus to protect women’s rights. We must also vote at that time to stop this extremely dangerous bully from becoming, in his own words, “a dictator on Day One of his second administration.” Our democracy is truly at stake.   



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