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Scalise Exits Speaker Race

Scalise’s Out—Which GOPer Plays with the Gavel Next? October 13, 2023

Well, that was fast! Steve Scalise may have been the GOP’s nominee for Speaker, but like other Republicans could not reach the magic number of 217 needed to claim the Speaker’s gavel. Now, at least two-dozen GOPers are running for this post. Any GOPer in this fray can afford to lose only four votes because Democrats will unanimously vote for House Minority Leader NY’s Hakeem Jeffries (, Herb, Raju, et al, 10/12/23). Some extremist GOPers, as well as the power behind “Throne Red,” Demagogue Donald, want ultra-wacko Jim Jordan (R-OH) running the Speakership. The House GOP is tied up in knots over leadership squabbles during the time when it should be voting to rush aid to our ally Israel in its absolutely necessary fight to crush barbaric Hamas. Again, in 2024, Democrats and moderates must come out in droves to recapture the House. Reactionary policies and the inability to govern themselves have gone on far too long. Enough is enough! Trump and his “Red” allies must be defeated.


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